Raisin in the Sun Essay

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The two most underlining themes in the Raisin in the Sun are the importance of family and the importance to fight racial segregation. These ideas are expressed throughout the novel with symbols such as Mama’s plant that she cares for and purchase of a new home in a predominately white neighborhood. Mama is the one that believes firmly in these messages throughout the novel while she tries to get the others to believe in them as well. Mama’s plant is used to express tension and uneasiness within the family. When Mama first mentions that she is worried about the family becoming more and more separated, she checks on her plant which she says hasn’t seen sunlight all day. She is always caring for her plant just like she is trying to care for her family. This is why she put a payment on the new house in the first place. At the conclusion of the novel, when they are all ready to move into their new house, Mama stays to get her plant which is her reflection on how the family was able to get trough all of the trouble it went through, just like how the plant she had cared for is finally looking nice. The lesson of family is finally learned by Beneatha and Walter when they stand of to Mr. Linder. Beneatha had just said how she didn’t see Walter as her brother yet they are still able come together to tell Mr. Linder that they fully intend to move into their new house. Standing up to Mr. Linder is a major factor in fighting for racial equality. When they are offered more money for their house then they had pay for, they declined. Walter, who throughout the whole novel was trying to find ways to make money, was able to dig down to find his morals and decline Mr. Linder’s offer. The idea of selling their house because the white neighborhood was not going to offer them a warm welcome, didn’t sit well, even with Walter. It would have shown defeat in that they gave up the idea of racial equality for money. This really helped show that no matter how poor the family could get, they always had their priorities straight. Mama even talked about how their ancestors were poor all their life and they