A Raisin in the Sun Essay

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A Raisin the Sun
Many people has problems, but what u may need to do is relieve yourself from these issues by having basic safety, love and self- esteem needs, so look at yourself and question, do u have this? Whether or not if you do, I have something discuss about that and this applies to all people actually and not just yourself and I will even resort to a play to show this theory that a physiologist named Abraham Maslow developed from a pyramid he has developed called the Hierarchy of Needs. The play is called A Raisin in the Sun and the author is called Lorraine Hansberry who was born in May 1930 and was deeply involved with civil rights in her childhood for such as her family had to move because her white neighborhood had begun to abuse the family, also she had died on January, 12, 1965 form pancreatic cancer. This play actually deals with the needs of a family in the play and their place in the pyramid, so along with pressured events within the play, this turn to be an emotional turnabout of decisions. The family may not be big with a wife and child but the development of his mother, sister, wife and himself can drive this story to madness, depressing or dignified endings.
First of all, I need to introduce this so called family man and Walter, the husband is a big deal against his money and deeply dislikes the attitude no appreciation for money and thinks of as insanity to not care about bucks and change. He may seriously be unstable when it comes down to this effort between having money and no money because he resorts to desperate measures when he loses money, but if u think about it, what does it represent? It may be common sense since your life is bound to having money, but it does give you safety needs which is also vital for a family So what Walter regularly strive for through the life is his self-esteem needs and by my knowledge right now, this occurs to have respect, responsibility, achievements, and status from others or in society. Walter was never able to achieve the self-esteem part of the pyramid because of his lack of money, but his will to desire it has become rather unstable so he has often talked about it with his wife, named Ruth, but she have consistently denied his remarks as daily complaints and Walter feels angry to not share his dreams. What Walter lacks is not very much and may even able live a normal life with a good amount of money to stand on for the house and changes to a good natured husband and may could have been able to be a better person. This may also resemble the destined goal of what Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and is called self-actualization, which may cause a person to change in order to reach the potential of what they want to achieve in life. . The state of his existence depends on everybody and through that, sadly he cannot even determine his self-actualization to change his ways. Anyway, enough about Walter’s problems because he is just a part of the story, and what also influences is the too is the rest of the family (except the son).
Next up is the mother of the children of Beneatha and Walter and is named Lena Younger who’s quite the outgoing lady to do the best they can, especially for a grandmother who can still provide for the family. Mama is actually the one who started the events towards the moving of the family but longs for the understanding of the family and this bring Maslow’s pyramid into the play yet again because she is in the relationship/love needs in the pyramid and this is actually a huge setback in regard to her role and character in the story. This results in Lena’s thinking to the relationship to her children is very misleading as the type of life she has now was often dreamed of is now part of daily life, but her children has this life ever since and it now sets a standard for the generation Walter and Beneatha live in so they are unappreciative for what they have in the play. This puts Lena in a lonely situation in the house too but