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Malouf introduced the approach of family rather than fatherhood at the very beginning of the text, when Achilles listened in a narcissistic manner for his own mother’s voice as he stood whilst staring out toward the sea. Achilles’ family associations were defined by vacancy and ruin. Achilles was heavily shaped by his mother rarely being there for him, his forfeiture, as “she had warned him from the beginning that she would not always be with him. She had given him up”. Achilles was entangled “entirely off guard” by Priams proposition to his own lead as a father, “of a son you have not seen for more than half his lifetime”. He literally urged Achilles “as a father, and as one poor mortal to another” for the repossession of Hector. Fatherhood begun to be projected more in variant ways when Somax pointed to his heart and spoke “It’s in our nature. We’re tied that way, all of us. Tied here”. Despite Priams suspicion, he was at odds with parenting and wondered if “what it was to lose a son meant the same for him as it did for the driver”, whilst at the same time Achilles had also been a vanishing father and mislaid his own Dad on such a regular basis that he actually mistook Priam for him. Fatherhood was left, right and center when Priam entered the Hut of Achilles. During an unusual plot twist of Priam and Achilles quickly becoming civil, the two of them realized they had been fathers longer than they had been kings, which influenced Achilles decision of taking Priam’s plea on…