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Rays’ Rodriguez fractures hand The title is very eye catching to a baseball fan such as myself. One must take a liking to baseball to find this article relevant to them. If a person did not have awareness of the team, player, or even the sport, they would have no clue what this article is about. Reading on I recognized this article was actually very brief and unimportant information. The discussion of this article is actually humiliating towards Rodriguez and the Rays’. It points out the immature actions of Rodriguez and the potential risk it has on him as a player. As a professional player, I am sure Rodriguez cannot afford any severe injuries. I believe this article is slightly biased because newspapers have a significant impact on the people in our society. Individuals who have read this article have probably been judgmental on Rodriguez since the way the writer presents the information. They could also be critical on the Rays’ if they wanted to be. The article was not exactly putting them in a “good” kind of spot light.

I Love You Mommy The title of this can be attention grabbing to anybody. A mother herself, someone who is a daughter, or a son, perhaps even some fathers. The beginning of this article starts off very strong, drawing the reader in to proceed with the rest of it. The first piece of this article fills you in on a lot of information about the mother and the young boy on an emotional and personal level. A personal level by introducing the…