Recognition and Allowance of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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News and Analysis Paper 1
This article is about passing the bill to allow same sex marriage. This article recognizes that the northeast states are the ones that are starting to allow recognition and allowance of same sex marriage. Where as in California they are trying to overturn the Proposition 8 so that same sex relationships can be allowed but not consenting to marriage. Most of the Northeast states are trying to allow this to happen but a lot of they have it on their list but still do not know whether to go with the new generation or stay with the old ways and go with the laws. Many things are changing in the world today so they have to make everyone happy with their decision. One Senate said their state is almost 50/50 so it is hard to rip the state in half for a consent for a non-heterosexual marriage. Only 4 states have passed this law so same-sex marriage can be performed where many of the other states are undecided. They are trying to make it legal for the entire United States but when not everyone wants this to happen they have to get equal cooperation. If it starts to get out of hand they will take it to a federal level.
After reading this article I seen a lot of things that had to do with sociology in this such as the conflict, social classes, taboos, mores, and just the personal values of people that were brought up a different way that most people. Religion and the government play a huge role in topic even though there is a separations between church and state they still connect when the Constitution is involved.
This is the social conflict perspective it explains how a social classes denounce people who prefer to be with someone from the same sex and are happy with them just because they do not believe it is right. The united states are trying to see how this could benefit the country and none of them see anything good happening so they do not want to pass a law to help support something they believe is morally wrong.