Records: Education and Individual Learner Essay

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Keeping records is an essential tool for teachers, tutors, trainers and their learners.
It is part of the teachers’ role and responsibilities, good record keeping is important in meeting educational outcomes and providing the necessary information for initial assessment, needs identification, planning and designing delivery, evaluation of teaching and learning that has taken place, it is also a very good means of checking overall progress for both teacher and learner.
The different types of records that I maintain are:
Attendance registers:
These registers record details of individual learner’s presence and absence on a daily basis, it helps to identify regular and absentee students, it also gives an overall record of attendance over a given period (i.e. term, academic year)
These provide complete information on the learner’s journey and how they will get there to achieve their aim and more importantly to the learner, the outcome.
Progress charts:
These are used as a tracker so both teacher and learner can track academic performance and check on learning that has taken place and achieved.
This is the learner’s personal work but is also a record of the learner’s involvement in the subject, it also gives the teacher an overview of how the student understands the subject and can identify area’s for support to the individual learner through assessment of the learner’s work.
In summary: Records give an indication whether learner’s have learnt what is…