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Recruitment Plan: Five easy steps.

What position to fill?
Planning: First we will decide what positions need to be filled and how to fill them, embracing all future positions.
Forecasting: We will need to forecast the demand for labor. There are three tools to help project personnel needs:
Trend Analysis: By doing this we will study the variations in our firm’s employment levels over the past few years. We can categorize the number of employees in different positions at the end of every year to identify trends. This can estimate our future staffing needs.
Ratio Analysis: This analysis is forecasting based on the historical ratio between casual factors (like sales) and the number of employees required.
Scatter Plot: This will show us any two variables are related. If the two things are related then we should be able to estimate our personnel needs.
How to build our pool of candidates
First we will advertise the position to internal candidates, then after one week if the position is not filled we will advertise to outside candidates.
A few ways that we recruit are advertising online, newspapers, on social media, through job fairs, and through private agencies.
Once a month we will conduct surveys asking others who have previously applied how effective our recruiting sources are. Asking them for their opinions on how we can make it better.
At the end of this recruitment plan I will include an example of an advertisement that we would use.
Application Guidelines
We request detailed information on each prior employer, including name, address, phone number, and email.
When signing the application it means that the applicant clarifies that falsified statements can be cause for dismissal, that background of credit, employment, and driving record is authorized, a medical and drug screening test may be required, and that their employment is for no definite period.
Applicants must sign a form indicating that all the information on their application and resume is true.
Selection Process
All interviews will be structured panel interviews. You will be provided with a list of questions to ask and each question will have potential answers rated for what you want to what you don’t want the applicant to say.
After the first initial interviews we will have the applicants do five tests which include;
Cognitive abilities (intelligence testing and specific cognitive abilities)
Motor and physical abilities
Interest inventories
Personality tests (can predict performance)
Achievement tests
Making the offer
After all the interviews, background checks, and tests have been done we will decide who to make an offer to using three approaches; the judgmental approach weighs all evidence about the potential employee, the statistical approach quantifies all the evidence and perhaps uses a formula to predict job success, and the hybrid approach combines statistical results with judgment.
Once we determine who is best to fill the position we