Red Bull Marketing Strategy Essay

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Red Bull
Mission Statement:
To be the premier marketer and supplier of red bull in Asia,Europe and other parts of the globe. We will achieve this mission by building long-term relationships with the people who can make it become a reality.
Marketing Mix

Product * ProductRed Bull is a sweet, caffeinated drink aimed to give consumers the high energy kick. * Available only in rather expensive 250ml cans, 350ml bottles, with 4 packs and only two‘flavours’ (original or sugar-free). * It contains caffeine, taurine, glucuronolactone, and Bvitamins.
Distribution Strategy/Place: * Super market * Gyms * Coffee Houses: Subway, Barista, Costa Coffe, Café Coffee Day * Pizza outlet

Needs, Wants and Demands
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Marketing Concept:
The final philosophy the product fits into is the marketing concept. ‘This is where anorganisation delivers target market satisfactions more effectively and efficiently thanccompetitors.’ This can be done by researching its target audience and the company has shown this by the fact that ‘Red Bull has a 70 to 90 percent market share in over 100 countries worldwide’. This clearly indicates that Red Bull’s current marketing strategy is working well and they are ahead of their competitors in the market place

Marketing Challenges:

Big global companies such as Coca Cola and Pepsi have introduced their own energy drink versions to their product base.

* Mother (by Coca Cola) * Amp (Pepsi) * V * Battery * 180 * RedEye * Bennu

Competition also presents itself in original sports drinks, such as * Gatorade (Pepsi) * Powerade(Coca Cola)

Negative Impact:
Various media worldwide have reported that Red Bull is harmful for one’s health. TheFrench Health Authority has gone one step further by not approving the Red Bull product for sale in France believing it is not in compliance with the country’s health and food regulations.

Other media reports have been targeted towards parents stating the caffeine levels in Red Bull can be dangerous if consumed by