Red Night: A Short Story

Words: 1062
Pages: 5

Spinning round and round an axis between the two bodies in the red night glow; the heat of the underworld and something else, a odd inner warmth, causing beads of sweat to lightly dribble down the fair forehead of the princess, a dazed expression on her face. The eyes she looked into were familiar, but strange, as if, under that moon's glow, she were seeing him in the light of day for the first time, but that was preposterous. She didn't know anyone like this, at least she didn't think so, it was hard to tell.

The stranger softly speaks her name, Star. It shocks the princess, "h-how do you know my name." He chuckles lightly, continuing the dance, the crowd of monsters and beasts fading away, the heat of hell replaced by the radiant warmth
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A small design feature to her room was the lack of modern heating, and her fire had gone out in the night. Groaning she sits back down onto her bed, bouncing up slightly as it recoils.

She could feel herself blushing, at this point she wasn't sure how many times she had dreamed of that dance. It wasn't a nightly event, but at least once a week she would vividly remember dreaming about the blood moon ball.

Rolling over she let her hands move to rub her eyes and cover her face. She didn't only dream about Marco, she thinks, her blush deepening as she calls to mind some of the more salacious dreams she had had, but they were all wild and strange, full of flying cupcakes and rainbows. These, well, they were tame, polite, almost shy. She rolled her tongue in her mouth, contemplating it, before sitting up slowly and looking over at her clock with half laden eyes.

"Midnight," she mumbles, "to early." She tries to flop back onto her bed, a large pillow clutched close by her whole body, but she simply rolls back restlessly moments later, an uncomfortable warmth preventing her from getting the sleep she
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She had never felt genuine fear like she had that day, she almost watched her best friend be reduced to mash. "Could that be why..." she starts to ask idly, her thought trailing off slowly.

With a final shiver from the brisk winter gale Star moves back inside, closing the glass door to the outside. Chucking her moist blanket to the side she picked up her wand and did what she always did on nights like this, read the spell book. Glossaryck, thankfully, was asleep. Having a living glossary, while often useful, wasn't particularly helpful when your goal is to understand the nature of the wand as a whole. She stared sadly at the split wand, still having no idea what effects it was having.

Slowly she moved to the last page she had read. Even with all of the sleepless nights she had only read through a handful of pages, both due to the shear complexity of the magical script from the first owner and her own attention span. From time to time she would try to test spells, and they - mostly - succeeded, or at least not fail horribly. An hour in she found an odd passage on magic