Reflection On Life In The Us During Ww2

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LESSON PLAN: Life in the US during WWII (Japanese Internment)
1. INTRODUCTION This lesson plan is designed to be implemented for an 11th grade U.S. History class. Life in the US during WWII will be split into two days, planned to occur during the middle of the unit plan on the fourth and fifth days. The first day will focus on life for American citizens in the United States during the war effort. The second day will focus on life for Japanese Americans during WWII. The WWII unit plan starts with the Introduction to the causes of the war. Then transitioning into a study of the U.S. policy of Isolationism, supporting the war effort from afar. This leads into the events that got the U.S. formally involved in the war effort in Europe and the events at Pearl Harbor which marked
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Similar to the do now I hope this question causes students to reflect personally to look at modern issues that may show some similarities, those examples may not be at the same scale.
Groupings: Students will be placed into groups with the intention of creating a dynamic that is productive and respectful of each other and can enhance the skills of different members in the group. When making groups I will place students who are more talkative with those that are quieter, hoping that it facilitate quieter students to participate more in the group discussion. Groups will also be determined based off of previous group activity.
Types of Learners
Auditory/Oral Learners: The mini lesson will offer an oral explanation of the content. Throughout the mini lesson I will inject the tiered questions I developed to gauge student understanding. This offers an opportunity to further student learning and facilitate discussion. During the group work period students will analyze the sources in the packet and discuss them in