Reflection: Orgasm and Physical Activity Essay

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Chastaney Potts
July 1,2015
HealthyU –Summer 2015
Dr. Corey Hannah Basch
Reflection Assignment

Why should health be thought of as having different dimensions?

Health is a dynamic human condition with the ability of individuals to adapt and manage physical, mental or social changes. Health and wellness is more complex than just exercising and healthy eating. Health should be thought of as having different dimensions because they all play an important role for longevity of life and happiness. On a daily basis we face many challenges between balancing work, raising children, school and having social life, which can be very difficult. However, good health comes from practicing all 6 of the health dimensions. There are six dimensions of health: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, environment and occupational. Most of these practices can be very easy to carry out while some may be a bit challenging. My objective is to identify the 7 dimensions of health and explain why they are helpful in improving our health or achieving personal goals. . Having a brief understanding and understanding the purpose of each dimension will help one integrate them into their lifestyle.
The physical dimension of health requires the need for being active on a daily basis. This means participating in exercise, strength training, aerobics and maintaining a healthy diet. The outward appearance of a person including a person’s physique, body shape and size falls in the category as well. Being physically fit keeps the body in good condition, which is beneficial to our health. Not only will you feel better you will look better getting rid of excessive weight and eating food that are good for you. The second one is emotional dimension is associated with ability to deal with personal feelings and being able to cope with stress. Everyone deal with emotions regardless if they want to or not it’s apart our life. Whether its in our house hold or place of work we need to find a balance. A positive outlook and finding the right balance can help one deal effectively with feelings such as anger, happiness, fear, guilt and love. Having a negative outlook can lead to bad decision making and even cause depression so its it very important to try to remain stress free and being able to control your emotions.
Thirdly is social dimension, which is the ability to interact with others, and maintain positive relationship with people. It is very important being able to adapt to any social situation you are placed in with an appropriate behavior and communications skills. Especially in the 21st century we socialize with people every day. You will be able to think clearly, analyze critically, and reason objectively. We all make mistakes and learn from our mistake. When you are able to consider all aspects of a situation you make better choices.
Fourth is intellectual health is your means your ability to learn from the past and apply it to future decisions. This opens our minds to new ideas that can be applied to group interactions and personal decision-making. The fifth dimension is spiritual this refers to our personal belief and values. This is matter of looking into yourself and believing you are here for a purpose that you must fulfill.
Sixth is environmental wellness is understand your role to protect, preserve and improve enviornmental conditions. Environmental health is very important, we need to be in a positive and protected environment to grow and remain strong. Seventh is the occupational wellness this is our ability to contribute and make a positive impact in our place of work. Sometime people stress at work because they aren’t doing what they love to do. I believe it you love what you do at work it will keep you motivated and to develop healthy relationship with coworkers. It is important to choose a care that best fits you interest in order to maintain a healthy work life. It is important to balance all 6 of these dimension when thinking of