Reflection Paper on Old Man and the Sea

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In the novel The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago, the main character, faces challenges in his life that can be related to our own everyday lives. In this book, Santiago has to overcome his age, self- doubt, and what other people think. Santiago has been a fisherman his whole life and now that he is becoming older and weaker, he’s afraid that his ability to fish will deteriorate. Fishing is Santiago’s purpose in life and once that’s gone, what’s there to live for? From the old man’s journey, there is much to learn from and consider in your own life. One life lesson you can take away from this book is to never give up. Once you decide on a goal and how to achieve it, don’t let anything stop you. Too often we see people start to pursue a goal …show more content…
One woman saw it and asked a local what is was and misunderstood it for a shark. This just goes to show how blind everyone was as to what really happened on Santiago’s boat. Only Santiago would really know what took place on the skiff and all he had to endure and face. everyone one else was ignorant and just saw it as a crazy adventure and a great catch. To Santiago, it meant so much more and nobody else could ever understand. There are so many lessons you can interpret from The Old Man and the Sea and consider in your own personal life. I believe the most important lesson you can take from this novel is to never give up on a dream even when times get hard. Just stay true to yourself and work hard to achieve what’s most important to you. Apart from what other people say or think, you have to just believe in yourself and know your own strengths and weaknesses. Only you know how far you can push your limits and in order to grow as a person you have to be able to push yourself and test your limits. Don’t be afraid to try new things and especially don’t be afraid to fail. Just be brave and believe in yourself just as Santiago did. Be unafraid, be strong, be determined, be