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The thing I liked most about this experience was working in the sports information office. It was interesting to me because I got a chance to learn about the behind the scenes aspect to the Indiana Tech athletics website. I also got a chance to contact media outlets, like newspapers about teams and players. The thing I enjoyed the least was being a referee for intramurals. I don’t feel like I’m fit for that job. I don’t feel like I’m fit for that job because when I watch basketball I’m always more focuses on whose making shots, or how many steals a player is getting. I really don’t focus on what violations a player is making, so refereeing was somewhat difficult. The thing I felt I did the best was put the statistics on the Indiana Tech website. Recording the data and editing it into the website was something I felt was strength of mine. I struggled using the shot clock for intramurals. I didn’t struggle because I didn’t know how to use it, but because sometimes I would be too into the game and forget to add points or something. In the sports information office I needed more assistance or help when I was sending news about Indiana Tech to newspapers because I wanted to make sure that I was sending the right information, and in the proper was I was told to send it. I honestly feel that my only weakness is not focusing son something. I feel that if I focus on something then I can do it. I can improve on this weakness by trying to block out distractions and when I’m trying to complete a specific task. This experience will assist me in my future career path because it showed me how to organize events, organize data, and also hot to go about contacting people, such as newspapers etc. This