Reflective Essay About My Individual Writing Process

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Throughout this semester of Composition 2 I learned a lot about my individual writing process. Within my writing process I tend to lack detail, correct organization, and have many basic grammatical errors. Writing is definitely not my strong suite. I found some of the lab assignments helpful for it gave me a refresher on some topics I haven't touched since middle school. It also review the foundation of the English language and some of the rules which I found applicable while writing all the essays. Whenever I write an essay I have learned that more often than not I need to included more details, for I seem to keep them rather vague. In my annotated bibliography I made my summaries pretty short and to the point without using and adequate amount of detail. I tend to not critically analyze passages like I should, which by seeing how much not critically analyzing details takes off my grade I find myself being more attentive when I write. I need to strengthen my attribution to the essays more than I had. With the essays being a certain type, I felt like I was limited with what was perceived as acceptable and unacceptable. …show more content…
In essay three I immediately stated that I was for prayer in school and explained why. I feel as thought my style of writing preference changes depending upon what the paper is about. For example, if I was to write an assay about the best day I had. I would write in chronologically, by starting from the beginning of the day and going to the end of the day. Before deciding upon the best writing style to use, it's best to know your audience and their perception on the topic so you can lead off