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Reflective writing 1
The location of a point on a line can be described by one coordinate; a point on a plane can be described by two coordinates; a point in a three dimensional volume can be described by three coordinates. In general, the number of coordinates equals the number of dimensions. In order to find any objects position, we need three pieces of information: a fixed reference point (origin). a set of axes with specified directions and scales, instructions that specify how to label a point in space relative to the origin and axes.
One of the major usages of motion diagrams is to present information through a series of frames. Viewing an object on a motion diagram allows one to determine if an object is at a constant speed, speeding up or slowing down. If the points are equally apart, it can be assumed that an object is travelling at constant speed. It can be assumed that an object is speeding up if there is a increase in the space between points as time passes. An object can be assumed to be slowing down if there is a visible decrease in the space between points as time passes. The points on the frame come very close together.
The displacement of an object is defined as the vector distance from some initial point to a final point. It is therefore distinctly different from the distance traveled except in the case of straight line motion. There displacement is defined as difference in the final position and the initial position and the time interval is defines as the times passed from the initial position to the final position of an object. Uniform motion is movement with a velocity that is constant and stable. In terms of direction, the object should be running at a constant speed on a straight direction, where is defined as how fast…