Reflex Systems Essay

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Reflex Systems: Critical Analysis of Human Behavior Under Stress

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the stress factors of organizational pressure and to determine what skills can be used by leaders to diffuse the stress and to get team members to align to a common goal. Engaging a team and making the team members believe that he or she is valued is a skill that leaders should adapt to reduce stress in an organizational setup (Spiers, 2012). Individuals in a team should feel as though his or her contribution to the tasks is an important one. When members of a team feel unappreciated, the goal is subject to setbacks and sometimes failure.
Reflex systems have decided to implement customer relationship
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Stress in this state, can be referred to as a motivating factor. Stress in its negative state has the opposite effect on the individual. One may endure fatigue, emotional imbalances, anxiety, aggression, and many undesirable effects (Kofoworola & Alayode, 2012). Kofoworola & Alayode states that stress can be dealt with in two ways: denial or admittance with the willingness to find a solution (2012). As a leader, Rankins must learn ways to eliminate stress and to bring his team together. He cannot attempt this task without first recognizing that he is stressed. Rankins must become in tune with his emotional intelligence. Knowing how he feels and balances one’s emotion for the sake of one’s subordinates is essential for a leader. The team must feel confident that even through stressful situations; a leader can remain level-headed and can guide the team through any obstacles. Learning one’s threshold can be trying. Rankins must determine his learning style to determine how to best help his team. The team should also be aware of his or her learning style to be receptive to the team, the leader, and the task. Learning one’s learning style will help the entire team to determine a level of compatibility. This technique will help to reduce stress due from incompatibility issues. To facilitate the differences in learning styles, the Rankins should play the role of Assimilator. Delegation of specific tasks to the team aids in allowing the