Relations in a Workplace Essay

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Consensual Relationship Agreements
Falon Mason
Dr. Rand
Bus 520
January 27, 2013

Relationships in the workplace are a serious issue. People whom spend more time at work than outside of work typically find it easier to have common interest with co-workers. My current work environment at Target, have created a consensual relationship agreement. The polices of consensual relationship address the issue of any unwanted, sexual, or harassments toward any employee. There will be an example of why target has a consensual relationship agreement in a place.
In consensual relationship between a subordinate and a supervisor, the subordinate often takes the victim role of preferential treatment. Employees professed claims for sexual harassment based on the theory that they can’t benefit in the same manner because they aren’t sleeping with the boss. Furthermore, most courts have dismissed this argument because such a consensual relationship put both female and male at a disadvantage equally. The exemption, of course, is where a supervisor motions many employers, and only those who comply will be rewarded with preferential treatment (, 2000).

What are the Ethical principles discussed in the use of CRA’s:
Targets work environment have many diversities of cultured and backgrounds. It is imperative for any business to have ethical principles and policies. Target does not tolerate, nor will it uphold, any form of sexual harassment because that is not a part of Targets mission. Target provided an atmosphere free from any form of harassment based upon their color, religion, age, race, sex, national origins, marital status, or handicaps. Differentiating honorable business ethics is an important asset for small business ethics. Company’s policies, and procedures, should be proactively practice and throughout the company, become the bread and butter of the company’s environment and can be the difference between failure and success (Moment, R., 2012).
Acknowledge the importance of business ethics as a tool for achieving your anticipated outcome is only the beginning. A small business that embeds a strong theme of business ethics within its customs and policies will be noticeable among customers. Its overall impact will lead to a beneficial, successful company. By acknowledging the value of practicing honorable business ethics, and following each of the seven principles, your success will not be at lost (Moment, R. 2012).

Argue for the use of Consensual Relationships Agreement in your current workplace:
There are many things that can impact an organization workplace. Target is among those companies that must be prepared to address issues that may slow down productivity and decrease morale. Behaviors, cultures and personalities are all a part of the things that can determine the success of an organization.
Explanation of Consensual Relationship Agreements Policy:
In accordance with Target employment policies, the basic standard for employees will receive explanation of the consensual relationship agreement policy.
Target has employed many people from different walks of life. Therefore it is imperative that all supervisors and managers explain the consensual relationship agreement. Target has developed an orientation program with each new hire or rehire individuals that address the importance of consensual relationship agreement. Targets human resource team has each applicant sign and date the consensual relationship agreement policy.
Therefore, employers should act with caution and closely weigh the pros and cons of the legal and internal, cultural consequences. The laws do not exist in a vacuum. Policies of any nature should bear some similarities between the employees productivity and weighed against the employers and employees relevant interests and conduct being prevented (Greenhouse, 1998).

Penalties for the Policy:
In keeping with Targets philosophy and mission, if a worker has a charge of