Essay on Relative Quality of Life Across Population

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Body part of my report will be organized as followed:

2 journal articles Social capital and health in Australia: An overview from the household, income and labour dynamics in Australia survey ☆ in income and change in self-rated health: Systematic review of studies using repeated measures to control for confounding bias
A study of the personal income distribution in Australia

1Professional or business report ’The Effect of Wealth and Income on Subjective Well-Being and Ill-Being
1 document from a professional or business source
1 document from government agency (the da ta come from the abs ) Wages and Salary Earner Statistics for Small areas, Time Series,2009-10(Australian Bureau of Statistics ) (

1 aricle from news media Where the highest earners in Australia live (

Introduction: Identify the topic<quality of life across populations> and then the part I research is mainly based on income part and wellbeing parts . Background of the topic like :in contemporary world Australia xxxx or like most people recognized that higher income does provide a higher quality of life but actually except this one , the health or the education is also relative to quality of life and also …significance of the topic Microeconomic principle in this topic:
Income effect on demand curve
Income effect on normal good and inferior good

Population that is being considering: stakeholders : individuals and the prosperity in a country / households, male and female and selected aged groups . and people in different occupations .

Overview of the focus and organization of my report : basically focus on the income effect does on wellbeing and illbeing ,and the relationship between income and health. The data of average weekly wages and salary incomes will be provided as evidence to show the income standards of Australia

Evidence to illustrate and support the issues : The Effects of Wealth and Income on Subjective Well-Being and Ill-Being (key points in this article )financially and psychologically two aspects of wellbeing

Data commentaries : (had already been prepared in the report but needed to be rewrite ) 1. average weekly wages and salaries income by sex and selected age groups

As Table 1 (above) shows, younger people had lower annual average Wage and salary income levels. For Australia, persons aged 15-34 recorded an average of $37,956 compared with the overall (all people aged 15 and over) level of $48,907.

Younger people in the Australian Capital Territory ($43,218) and Western Australia ($41,586) recorded the highest average Wage and salary incomes. Conversely, Tasmania and South Australia had the lowest averages for 15-34 year olds.

Males aged 15-34 years in the Rest of Western Australia…