Reliability and Validity Paper

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Reliability and Validity Paper
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The profession of human service uses an enormous quantify of information to conduct test in the process of service delivery. The data assembled goes to a panel of assessment when deciding the option that will best fit the interest of the population, or the experiment idea in question. The content of this paper will define, and describe the different types of reliability, and validity. In addition display examples of data collection method and instrument used in human services, and managerial research (UOPX, 2013).
Types of Reliability
Reliability is described as the degree to which a survey, test, instrument, observation, or measurement course of action generating
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External refers to the degree to which the product of the research takes a broad view further than the example. Face validity is related to scientific method. It is highly concern to determine whether or not the instrument measure what is declaring. Internal validity take into account the independent variable of the research, which can correctly affirmed to construct the observed result expected. Statistical is the extent to which the ending of the research report, or score is reliable, or convincing.
Furthermore, to obtain the result of reliability, and validity a process of study should put into action on the gathering data and how the data is use to perform, and manage the study according to plan. These examples of reliabilities mentioned-above are degree to which recurring measures under unchanged condition demonstrate the same outcome (Reshow & Rosenthal, 2008). The information gathering approach pertaining to reliability and validity are decided by products that are simple to understand, evaluate, simplify, and linking to the hypothesis.
Data collection methods play an essential function in human services because of the influence it has on the data applies to identify the procedures relating to the monitored results. Three common are often used are group focus, written records, and survey. These examples help to determining any possible modification