Fear Of Essay Dbq

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My name is Coll. I am a typical gal trying to be unique. Tennis and running are the only sports I truly enjoy and therefore take part in, at my own will. I have two older siblings, no pets, and sadly no job. My mom is Japanese and my dad is Irish. My hobbies include singing, reading, and Instagram. I have been out of the continent 5 times, once to Ireland, and four times to Japan. Now time to share some things unique about myself. I am left handed however not artistic like statistics say I should be which upsets me. Being moody and rude are things I like to avoid. Unlike my peers I try to brighten others’ days. That is how I see myself in a nutshell. The major goal I have for myself in this course is to not want to cry after each class. By this I mean that social studies and I have never been friends. DBQ’s are my worst enemy and essays exist to torture me. My goal is to try harder to make friends, if you will, with social studies. I want to overcome my fear of essays and to not over stress every time I need to complete a DBQ. For this course I do not want to give up before I start. I want to actually understand something to the point that I can describe it to my friend. I honestly just do not want to hate social studies anymore, not to be harsh. This is not necessarily content related, it is really how hard I am willing to work to give social studies my all and not back down. This goal will be successful if I keep a positive attitude in class and ask questions when my head is