Religion: Central Intelligence Agency and Final Body Paragraph Essay

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Robert Allen
What Went Wrong with Religion
Since the beginning of time, man has been developing theories to explain the impossible to understand. The development of religion found its basis here. The ideas of gods were turned into an assumed reality to comfort the individual and explain what people could not scientifically understand. As science progressed to being able to explain the natural world digressed into a role of governing the moral culture of the individuals that choose to follow it. The purpose of this paper is to explore the where religion (particularly Christianity and its variants) has failed in its institution as an individual’s morality guide and abused its power.
According to the CIA World Factbook, there are approximately 2.1 billion Christians currently on earth and almost 2.5 million in America. This creates an extremely widespread and influential outreach of the largely dominant Christian religion. In turn, it is unavoidable for religion to then spread outside of its role as a personal guidance tool and into the culture and collective society in which its presence it is prominent. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution declares explicitly that the Government is strictly secular and cannot have any affiliation with a faith based institution (US Const., amen. 1)…. Continue with religious intrusions on education, politics, and human rights (blacks in the 60’s, LGBT community in present day)… - Segway human rights into next paragraph on worldwide mistreatment of people
Paragraph exploring religious role in Africa where