Religion: Christianity and holy Book Essay

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Religion is a very sensitive topic to discuss with, many believing their religion is the only true and correct faith. Throughout history hundreds of religions sprouted and disappeared, some faster than others. The past as well as the present conclude that religion is not all that we believe it to be. Events such as war, famine, and genocide all share a common denominator, religion. I am not saying that God or the gods worshipped caused these disasters, but rather they are the excuse or reasoning behind the evil that surrounds us.
The video discussed the difference in Judaism and Christianity. To me the differences weren’t the texts, but the ideology and interpretations of the texts and religious leaders. Interpretations of the holy book are separated by literal and figurative understanding of God’s word. Judaism tends to follow the holy book literally following the law of God or Yahweh. While Christianity tends to figuratively interpret the holy book, boasting their freedom. I find it funny that both parties believe to be the correct one, but they follow the same book, the Old Testament.
Jesus, the supposed son of God, came to Earth by birth through the Virgin Mother. Spreading the lessons of his father, which seem to contradict what his father told his followers through earlier prophets. I find this ironic that the son of God would contradict his own father and change his father’s subjects perception of their faith. I tend to follow the ideal of “eye for an eye”, as mentioned in the bible, but Jesus says to turn the other cheek. How can he spread the message and lessons of his father if he can’t even follow them himself?
Another issue with Christianity is the bible itself. Many denominations of Christianity have their own version of the bible, with certain portions removed. There is no reason to eliminate the teachings of God from any Christian. They are removed for because of contradiction of the religious teachings or it caused a disagreement which in effect was the reason for the new church to be created. The stories themselves are not what we wish them to be. Many stories are written by men who were never alive to personally view or live during the time periods they wrote about. Meaning that the information is second hand and therefore unreliable, implying that the bible, portions written second hand, are absolutely useless.
Christianity not only disagrees with Judaism, it also shares a multitude of disagreements amongst themselves as well. There are approximately 41,000 denominations of Christianity throughout the world, some using different bibles and following different beliefs. Protestantism came to rise through the turmoil and lack of faith within the Catholic Church. Martin Luther showed the people the corruption that grasped the teachers of the faith and force of good. Protestantism soon spread to England, where King