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Hades- Greek for the world of the dead similar to "Sheol" in Hebrew
Nicodemus- an influential Pharisee who came by night to hear Jesus' teachings. he defended Jesus when the other Pharisees attacked him, and finally became an open disciple of Jesus after the crucifixion
Our Father-the prayer Jesus taught his disciples; also called the Lord's Prayer
Parable- a story or example based on a familiar experience that illustrates a principle. it uses familiar ideas to explain unfamiliar ideas.
Paradox- an apparent contradiction that is really true. Jesus used Paradox like "the first shall be last" to show how different the Kingdom of Heaven would be like from the state of things on earth.
Peter- one of Jesus' disciples, who became the leader of the twelve and the Church. Named Simon, Jesus gave him the name means "Rock"
Prodigal- wasteful. In the story of the Prodial Son, a young man wastes his entire inheritance and has to return to his father with nothing.
Rabbi-in the Old Testament, it referred to a holder of an office. A Rabbi was a teacher of the Jewish Scriptures. It was the name disciples used for their teacher.
Synagogue- a Jewish house of meeting. sacrifices could be offered only at the Temple in Jerusalem, but Jews all over the world went to local Synagogue worship and to hear the Scriptures read and interpreted

Who is the last son of David?
Jesus is the last Son of David, the perfected one
Who will replace Solomon's Temple?
The Church, the whole community of believers
What is the first thing we learn from St Mark's gospel?
The time is fulfilled, the Kingdom of God is at hand, repent, and believe in the gospel
Who was Nicodemus?
A prominent Pharisee who became Jesus' disciple
How does the Law enable us to become holy?
It enables us when we follow the spirit of the law.
Which to commandments, according to Jesus, sum up the whole Old Testament?
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your