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In my family my mother is Catholic and my father is Adventist. Due to this I believe in Christian ecumenism, which is the union of different religions. I personally believe in Jesus Christ and that Christ died on the cross to save us and give us the forgiveness of our sins. I believe in free will, so I prefer to follow the Catholic Church. This is due because the Catholics don’t judge peoples sins too harsh as other religions from Christian like the Adventists do. My mother is the person who shaped my belief system. I belong to the Catholic Church because I was baptized by Catholics and did my first communion in a Catholic Church. I have attended almost all my life to the Catholic Church but I still don’t believe in everything that the Catholic Church teaches. It is in this year that my father is taking us to attend the Adventist Church. I have attended the Adventist Church to compare the teachings between these two religions. The Adventist Church says, the seventh day of the week is the Sabbath and is the appropriate day for worship. This is because the Adventist encourages the examination of the Old Testament and in it; it says to keep the Sabbath day holy which is the day God rested after creating the world and everything in it. The Catholics, Adventists and all Christians believe that Jesus died on Friday and resuscitated on Sunday, but what Catholics belief and Adventists don’t is that since Jesus resuscitated on Sunday you cannot keep Saturday as a holy day. I personally believe that here is where Adventists are wrong, but still I think that for God it doesn’t matter what day you keep it holy because what matters is that you behave well and follow the 10 commandments that God created. Following all the 10 commandments is difficult but we need to try to do our best with the commandments written by God. I believe God is everywhere and that it doesn’t matter to which religion you belong because you can get your salvation by your good behaviour and trying your best to follow the 10 commandments. I believe that God created the earth, but I also believe in evolution. I believe that why tell your sins to a priest if it is better to tell them to God, God is more important than a priest from a Catholic Church. I don’t believe that when you die you go to purgatory and wait for Gods judgment. A teaching from Adventists that I believe is that when you die you are not judged. You are simply asleep or unconscious until Jesus returns and then you are judged. Therefore, prayer to the saints is seen as useless since the saints are supposedly unconscious. What I don’t believe from the Catholics is that when someone dies they do the memorial mass of seven days. I think it should be a one day memorial and not a seven day