Religion: Noble Eightfold Path and Islam Caliphs Muhammad Essay

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Exam Review and Study Guide for June 2012 Key Terms/Figures/Events:
Religions Pluralism
Cultural Tolerance
Judaism Anti-Semitism Bar/bat mitzvah Covenant Holocaust Kabala Passover Rosh Hashanah Sabbath Schema Torah Yom Kippur ZionismPesachSuccotShoahShabbat HanukahMosesAdamKing DavidKing SolomonNoah JacobAbrahamJudaism cont.TallitTefillinTanakh Shofar Menorah Orthodox HasidismZionismReformConservativePesachFilms: Odessa File, Schindler’s List etc. | Catholicism/Christianity Apostle’s creed Councils of Jerusalem / Nicaea / Trent ChristJesus’ BirthJesus’ MiraclesJesus’ TeachingsJesus’ DeathJesus’ Resurrection Reformation Gospel Great schism Incarnation IndulgencesThe Church of EnglandThe Lutheran ChurchThe Mormon ChurchThe Calvinist ChurchThe Christian Orthodox Church Iconostasis Screen King Henry Martin Luther Indulgences Vernacular Christianity cont. New testament Nicene creed St. Peter & St. Paul Vatican Council I & IIConstantine ITheodosius I Romulus AugustusThe Gradual Civilization ActThe Indian ActCatholic RitesCatholic Rite of Passage | Islam Caliphs Muhammad, Jesus Five Pillars Hajj Imam Islam Ji-had Ka’ba Mosque Muslim Qur’an Ramadan UmmaKhadijaIslamMt. HiraArchangel GabrielMosesShi’iteSunniSufisSawmZakatShahadahSalat ChadorBurkaKaabaHijabFilms: Not without my daughter,MalcolmX etc… | Hinduism Ascetic Atman Bhagavad-Gita Brahman Caste system Dharma Four goals in life Karma Moksha Samsara Upanishads YogaUpanishadsBhagavad-GitaRig VedasBrahmans SamhitasKarmaVadasVishnu ShivaBrahmaFilms: Patton, etc.. | Buddhism Buddha Dalai Lama Five Precepts Four Noble Truths Mantras Middle Way Nirvana Noble Eightfold Path Siddhartha Gautama Films: Little Buddha etc… | Selected Questions Judaism 1. What is the sacred storybook that Jews follow? The Torah & the Tannak 2. Describe the Jewish view of God. God is unseen and not divided 3. The Jews are God's "Chosen People". What does this mean? The people whose ancestors met God (Moses) and are now required to inform the world about God’s wisdom 4. God made two very important Covenants’ with the Jewish people. According to the Old Testament what were these two Covenants? The 10 Commandments & the Chosen People 5. List four kosher rules Jews have about food. No pork, no blood in the food, prepared by Jews, do not mix meat with dairy produces 6. Describe the treatment of Jews following the death of Jesus up to and including the present day. Diaspora, Crusades, Holocaust, Creation of the State of Israel.