Essay on Renewable Energy and Wind Farm

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Team Workplan
1. Introduction
1.1 Work Plan Purpose (A plan to complete the assignments for unit SBM2105 etc) (Clemencia) [0.5 page]
1.2 Work Plan Scope (Description of the unit & the assignments) (Clemencia) [1page] 2. Project Team
2.1 Project Team Members (Names & a short bio of each person) (Ludmilla) [1.5 pages]
2.2 Roles and Responsibilities (Description of roles & responsibilities) (Abhra) [1 page]
2.3 Roles Allocation (Allocation table for each assignment & concept of rotation) (Abhra) [0.5 page] 3. Project Team Governance
3.1 Communications Management (A brief explanation & table of how the team will manage communications internally) (Cheery) [1 page]
3.2 Information & Documentation Management (A brief explanation of how the team will manage its information & documentation) (Cheery) [0.5 page]
3.2 Quality Management (A brief explanation of how the team will ensure the assignments are of a high quality standard that meets the requirements) (Abhra) [0.5 page]
3.3 Risks Management (A brief explanation & table of the potential risks and the mitigation strategies to counter the risks) (Abhra) [1 page] 4. Time Management Plan
4.1 Tasks allocation (Description of activities in each assignment) (Abhra & Cheery) [1 page]
4.2 Work Breakdown Structure (Gantt chart/ Project Plan) (Clemencia & Ludmilla) [1 page]

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Case project
1. Introduction (Abhra) [0.5 page]
1.1 Purpose of this document (it’s essentially a project brief) 2. Background (brief introduction of the company & the background to set the context to the project) (Cheery) [0.5 page]
The Woodlawn WindEnergy Joint Venture (WWE JV) comprises the companies ActewAGL (AAGL), Collex TR\Pty Ltd. (Collex), EHN (Oceania) Pty Ltd. (EHNO) and ANZ Infrastructure Services (ANZIS).
The WWE JC processes to construct and operate a 50 MW wind farm on the properties ‘Pylara’ and ‘Woodlawn’ located off Collector Road, near Tarago, New South Wales. The proposed wind farm would comprise 25 turbines each capable of generating 2 MW of electricity, a substation/facilities building, access tracks, buried lines connecting the turbines to the substation, an overhead transmission lines linking the substation to an existing transmission line at Woodlawn and a public viewing platform.
The Woodlawn property is the site of the former Woodlawn Mine. Collex are developing the Woodlawn Bioreactor at the site. Domestic waste is land filled in the former mine void. Collex received the first waste on 6 September 2004. Landfil gas will be harvested from the landfill to generate electricity through gas fired turbines. The electricity will be delivered to the national electricity grid.
The proposed wind farm would generate electricity from a renewable source and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed wind farm is therefore consistent with the Commonwealth Government’s provisions under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000 (particularly the Nation al Greenhouse Strategy and the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target) and the NSW Government’s Gr4eenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme.
The WWE JV commissioned URS Australia Pty Ltd. (URS) to prepare this Environment Impact Statement (EIS). This EIS contains a description of the existing environment and the proposed project, the results of an assessment of any potential impacts resulting from construction and operation of the proposed wind farm, measures that would mitigate these impacts and justification for the project. 3. Project Information Summary (Cheery)