Renewable Energy Who S Right Essay

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Renewable Energy, Who’s Right
Lisa Turley
October 13, 2013
Erin Reyes Smith

People on both sides of the renewable energy debate feel that their point of view is valid. Both sides of the debate state many good reasons as to why one is better than the other. This debate leaves many of us that want to do what is best for the planet, confuse about which side is right. If facts presented on both side are factual, then why is it so hard to pick a side.

People in favor of renewable energy state the risk of harm, vanishing oil, and gas as reason to consider abandoning the use of fossil fuels. World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ecofys (a consulting firm for sustainable energy projects), states that “the way we produce and use energy today is not sustainable”, and “that our reliance on fossil fuels cannot continue indefinitely.” The opposing side would have people to believe that these facts are false and could not be further from the truth. The Energy Crisis, (2005), In D. A. Leone (Ed.) writes that “the vast majority of energy comes from nonrenewable fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal. People in favor of the continual use of fossil fuels really do not give much information that supports their belief that there are enough fossil fuels to sustain our growing demands.

After reviewing the articles mentioned above my ability to pick a side was still un-achievable. There were perceptual blocks and habits that hindered my thinking on the topic at hand. Before reading the articles, I had no opinion on either side. I am now more inclined to favor the renewable energy side of the debate instead of the fossil fuel. I consider myself to be an inquisitive individual. I perceive the fossil fuel side of the debate does not offer enough information on how it is better for the demand and our earth. It was hard to find articles supporting their point of view. I could not share their side of the argument. I also believe stereotyping was another reason I could not share their point of view on fossil fuels. I started this assignment with a little bias. I have looked at fuel companies as greedy tycoons who only cared about their bottom line. During this assignment I did not find any valid information to change my point of view nor had I really expect to find any.

To overcome the negative way I view fossil fuel I am willing to examine the topic further as well as look for more resource that could give me a better understanding of fossil fuel consumption. I would be willing to further research the topic before making up my mind and giving an opinion on