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Executive Summary Carbon pricing is expected to begin on 1st of July 2012 at a price of $23 per tonne. Origin Energy Limited advertised their view on carbon tax as in their chief executive officer said that the carbon tax will be creating uncertainty as their company anticipated the price of $23 per tonne is needed in order to decrease the greenhouse emissions and making changes to the energy supply mix. The government has struck a reasonable package and the carbon pricing scheme is to provide a little support to lower income households through the revenues generated in the coming years after the implementation of carbon pricing. Carbon pricing is set by some countries’ governments to decrease their countries’ carbon footprints and motivated people, businesses and countries to reduce their carbon emissions. As understood in terms of carbon pricing in Australian context, Australia actually imposed several rules and measures to lower down its carbon emissions. Origin Energy Limited has mainly two objectives in reducing carbon emission for their activities. They switched to cleaner renewable fuel and redesigned the business structure. Besides, setting of emission policies is also implemented in their company as well as implementing greener product line. Toyota achieved a reduction in the cumulative carbon emissions. That has been done through their various implementations of different initiatives for their logistics operations. Their initial plan of decreasing in production volume had also contributed to the reduction of carbon emissions. Regarding the carbon emissions quantities or costs that Origin Energy Limited and Toyota omitted and they can report on, since Toyota is an automaker, the carbon emissions during the process of manufacturing cars can actually be reported in their sustainability report in order to set as guidelines for their effort to achieve better improvement of reduction in their company’s carbon emissions. While Origin Energy Limited offers energy and gas, they can actually report on their hidden carbon emissions that omitted during the process of production of natural gas.

Origin Energy Limited is an integrated energy company whose businesses are focused on gas and exploration and production, energy retailing and power generation. The company is listed as Top 20 in ASX list as such company is a largest and leading company which mainly produces gas and holding the position of biggest retailer of energy in Australia.
Due to global warming, Origin Energy Limited has adapted few rules and policies in reducing the carbon emission. Origin Company is emphasizing on sustainability of its operations as the largest green energy retailer in Australia. Moreover, such company has invested significantly in renewable energy technologies.
However, due to implementation of new Carbon Price Scheme by Australian Government which commencing on 1 July 2012 is going to bring some impacts to the operation and cost of the company.

a) Briefly discuss your understanding of carbon pricing in the Australian context
Carbon footprint is the accumulated amount of greenhouse gasses that emitted from daily human activities (Global Footprint Network 2011). For an instance, driving a car can add to an individual's carbon footprint. In order to lower down the carbon footprint, carbon pricing is set by governments of some countries as it is an administrative approach that helps to motivate people, businesses and countries to reduce emission of carbon (Global Greenhouse Warming 2012).
In the context of Australian, the country has imposed few rules and measures for lowering down the emission of carbon dioxide.
The Commonwealth Government has passed the legislation of introducing a Carbon Price Scheme commencing from 1 July 2012.The carbon price will be fixed like a tax for the first three years of the Scheme. Hence, liable entity needs to submit carbon units for every tonne of