renewable sources of energy Essay

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There are many different types of renewable energy resources that can be used. These include wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy etc. renewable energy sources have immense impairments, for example, having to use all of the assets to produce a wind plant, or utilizing a lot of area to have huge amounts of solar panels. But, one of the advantages of these renewable resources is that they can restock themselves and can be used as many times as necessary. An energy source that does not destroy the environment and is not dangerous to people’s health is the top concern. Transitioning of renewable resources may be tough at first, but in the long run, the outcome is positive and extremely beneficial. Increasing the use of alternate sources proves to be a major way in preserving our planet. One of the easiest and cheapest ways of producing energy is through wind. Wind energy is cheap. Furthermore, dissimilar to fossil fuels, it does not add to the harmful wastes and does not cause global warming. By building the wind turbines near to the oceans or sea, we could produce three times as much energy than we require. The utilization of wind power in the UK might be an exceptional thought as it is the windiest country. We can effectively get it and is more terrific in the winter months. The wind could easily provide us with clean and natural energy yet, for that to happen we might need to make a few sacrifices, for example, surrendering our beaches and losing fantastic locations. 75% of people in the UK are ready to do this so that sometime later, wind energy could supply us with a substantial rate of energy. Another commonly used source of energy is the solar energy. The sun is the main source of solar energy. The sun is a very powerful energy source that is made up of hydrogen gas which converts hydrogen to helium. Nuclear energy is the result of their conversion. We use this energy in two separate ways. The most widely recognized utilization is the storage of heat. A solar panel can change sunlight into heat. In this process, the base of the solar panel is darkened to retain as much heat as possible. A glass secured water pipe then loops up along the side of the solar panel. When its sunny, the water in the channel is heated up and this hot water might be stored in a tank. Another use of solar energy is the conversion of sunlight to electric energy. Solar cells are typically made of silicon which can be found in sand. When sunlight strikes a solar cell, it liberates electrons from silicon particles, these electrons move away. Electricity is the movement of electrons from one place to another, so every cell produces a little measure of electricity. Now-a-days, solar energy is used in calculators and watches. They use solar cells for their functioning. People are also using electric cars today. Tesla is an example. The advantages of solar energy are huge. It is a renewable energy source, so will not run out. It is cost effective because it is natural. No transportation or storage is needed because none is required. It has few disadvantages such as, it requires a large surface area for its installation. Since this energy is obtained from sun, cells can generate energy only during the day time. Some