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Energy Crisis-To Drill or Not to Drill xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From keeping our homes warm at night to cooking our meals and driving ourselves to school and work every day almost every activity that we engage in requires energy. That energy is not infinite nor does it create itself. For centuries man has depended on sources of energy that are pulled right out of the planted that we reside on. These sources of energy are called fossil fuels. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are all fossil fuels that we dig or drill for right out of the earth, then burn to release the energy that is within them. In the decades to come not only are we in danger of depleting these resources, methods we use to expend this energy releases noxious gases into our atmosphere. The alternative to exhausting these fossil fuels is to tap into sources of renewable energy. Solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass are all sources of renewable energy that is clean and far less destructible to our planet.
There are opposing views as to whether the benefits of renewable energy outweigh the hazards of depleting fossil fuels. Many people believe that is at least partially attributed to the effect of the use of fossil fuels. The use of coal to produce electricity, natural gas to heat our homes, and gasoline to power our vehicles all emit harmful amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. There are also those that believe that the real-estate required to house the facilities needed to extract and harness the power of renewable energy such as, solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal and biomass that will replace the demand for fossil fuels, is too great of a detriment to the environment. So should we continue to burn up all of the planets non-renewable energy sources or should we invest in developing the techniques and technologies necessary for tapping into the planets sources of renewable energy; while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.
When considering the opposing views on renewable energy vs non-renewable energy; what perceptual blocks or intellectual habits hinder my thinking when reviewing both sides of the issue? What is it that causes me to lean one way or the other? Does my blind consumption of power, with no regard to the fossil fuels that are burned to produce that energy over the duration of my life sway my perception on the matter? Have I just conformed to this way of living because it has been done this way for so long? When presented with the facts on renewable energy vs