Essay on Replay: Major League Baseball and Game

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In recent years, the amount of missed and blown calls coming from umpires in Major League Baseball has increased. It has increased so much that the idea of incorporating instant replay has been brought up and put into discussion. In the past year the state of umpiring has never been worse (Weber). This is why MLB commissioner Bud Selig said he would examine umpiring and replay (Weber). This topic is an ongoing discussion that is talked about frequently because a few missed calls have lost games for teams. But umpires are a part of the game and have been around since baseball has started, the main job an umpire has is to control the game (Weber). Instant replay should not be incorporated because it will ruin the flow of the game as well as the tradition (Kuenster). Umpires have many responsibilities for the game and by adding instant replay will ultimately shave away their responsibilities (Weber). As you may know baseball games tend to be very long, the average time played for a 9 inning game is two hours and fifty-one minutes (Kuenster). So if you are not a big fan of baseball then you need to have a great deal of patience to sit through an entire game. Many games may also have little to no action in them. Baseball games are a nine inning sport if there is a winner at the end of those innings, if not then the game goes into extra innings until there is a winner. The most innings played in a single game was twenty six and the longest game recorded was eight hours and six minutes (Baseball Almanac). That maybe just a freak occurrence but there are plenty of long games that are played. This issue is a big deal in Major League Baseball and they are trying to do everything they can to speed up the game as much as possible (Kuenster). By incorporating instant replay completely defeats the purpose of trying to make the flow of the game go quicker. Within a long game you would assume that there are a decent amount of close calls made, so if these calls are reviewed then the length of the games would be tremendously longer (Kuenster). For those who watch football all know that when a play in under reviewed and looked at in instant replay, the officials take a good amount of time to come back on the field and announce the call. And if you are watching on television they show the play numerous times in many different angles and then transfer to a series of commercials before the official is back on the field. So in reality instant replay isn’t really “instant”. These delays result from instant replay so there would be the same delays if it was to be incorporated in baseball which would lengthen the game even more (Vass). Football needs replay because it is a fast pace game with more players involved in the same action, compared to baseball which is a slow pace game and everyone’s eyes are focused on the same thing the entire time. If replay is brought into baseball you would probably see managers coming out of the dugout more frequently to get the call reviewed. As of today a manager can argue a call as much as he wants till he gets thrown out but this will not change the decision of the umpire, which is why they frequently come out to argue. With replay, I feel as if they will take advantage of that, coming out and demanding them to review it on replay. With that happening, is just another factor to slow the game down even more instead of the umpire making the call on the spot and moving on with the game. With having replay the umpire probably wouldn’t argue back he would just look at the replay, which would bring down a big entertainment portion of the game that some enjoy watching (Vass). Many umpires have a good sense of humor that they like to use during games, but with replay there fun is far from certain (Vass). Watching managers and players argue calls until they get heated and do something reckless, such as throwing their hat or helmet to kicking dirt and removing the bases is fun to watch. Replay would eliminate all of…