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got. We are more relying on these retail outlets, even we cut down a little bit of it. Our plan is take less expense on delivery.

Private Label Segment – Year 17

During the year 17, our company sold 100 pairs on private label in North America, which worth 6.8% of whole market share, stated S/Q rating at 6 star. In Asia Pacific, we were sold 182 pair of shoes on private label, which worth 12.8% of whole market share, which still not bad because we are not going to pay more attention on private label as following the company’s strategy.

Work Compensation Input 8--- Year 18

Keeping with our company’s strategy and objective, in year eighteen, we want to give a little push to our company in order to secure our annual goal, so we decided to stay within 20 percent of benchmark for incentive pay, by doing of this, our plan is to keep our employee produce approximately 5% more pairs than last year.
In North America, there was no data basis with total compensation, productivity and labor cost (Refer to industry report page 6), because in year 18, we put all attention on Asia Pacific plant, the world biggest trading area, we made the decision like this because we shift our strategy.
In Asia Pacific, the total compensation was mainly decreased from year 17 4,179 to 3,748 in year 18, and the productivity in year 17 was 2,592 and in year 18 was 2,533, there was 59 pairs of shoes decreased in year 18. The labor cost in year 17 was $1.72 and $1.56 in year 18, it was also not a big change and it will not affect our regional plan.
There was also no data basis with Europe Africa and Latin America because this is a part of our company’s strategy this year; instead, we planned to put all focus on Asian Pacific as we stated. Ignore Europe Africa, Latin America and North America region in this year is not a bad decision because by following our company’s strategy this year, we have time to give more attention on Asian Pacific, and also, it will reduce our company’s costs, such as shipping cost, transport costs and tariffs this year.

Year 18 to Year 17 Equations

Asia Pacific
1. 4145/4179 X 100 = 99.19%
2. 2592/2589 X 100 = 100%
3. 1.71/1.72 X 100 = 99.42%

Overall Equations

Overall Percentage of Year 18 = (AP year 18 /AP year 17) X 100 (000s)
1. Compensation $3748/$4179 X 100 = 89.69%
2. Productivity 2533/2592 X 100 = 97.72%
3. Labor Cost 1.56/1.72 X 100 = 90.70%

Corporate Social Responsibility and Citizenship Input – Year 18

In year 18, our company will follow our strategy and objective by use the “green” materials to produce the products. At the same time, we providing ethics training education for our employees, keep them in mind to take the social reasonability. Also, we raised $0.47 on the cost of standard materials, superior materials by $1.00. In year 13, we were the award winner of the Gold Star Award, the honor bring us the recognition that we need to increase the total revenue from that time period.

Shipping /Distribution Centre Input 8- Year 18

At this point of time, Eagle’s company had a total of 64,936,000 pairs of shoes are available for sale in year 18; 3565 pairs more than previous year. With the 64,936,000 pairs available shoes, 158,000 pairs of shoes were sold through the internet; 30,000 more than the previous year, in the same time, 626,000 pairs of shoes were sold through wholesale; 162,000 more than previous year, there were 64,952 pairs of inventory surplus in this year. With this result, we really need to do something with sales, such as increase the advertising budget or bid more with celebrity.
During the year 18, Eagle’s company had 50 models available in North America, 50 models in Asia Pacific; we set up like this because