Report on Beer Game Logistics Challenges Essay

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The Product Distribution or "Beer Game" is an experiential exercise designed to help decision makers recognize the value of adopt a holistic and self-motivated approach to problem solving. The game was has been played by 4 of us which is retailer, wholesaler, distributor and factory. The procedure of the beer game involves dividing the players into teams of four who will run a beer industry. We assume the roles of beer retailer, beer wholesaler, beer distributor, and beer factory. Through pick lots style, Shanthini was playing as a retailer, Vingdeswaran was the wholesaler, distributor task was played by Ranjini and the factory belonged to Rebekah. After the duration of
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Many businesses conducted activities using electronic data transmission involving computers, telecommunication networks, and streamlined processes where the consumer can purchase a product or service through online. As a result, by using the new technology for the beer game we have gained more experiences such as learn mistakes, learn new tasks to handle complex situations many more experiences. Other than that, VMI does not exist or do not apply the technology where the vendor-managed inventory (VMI) services can collaboratively planning inventory needs with the customer to projected end-user demand then, monitor actual demand to fine tune the actual VMI levels. This is because VMI can increase sales and profits especially in industries where buyers can go to alternative sources if you or your distributor stock-out.

2.4 Communication Network Problems
In the process of the supply chain management the major challenges faced was the difficulty in the flow of information. At certain times some parties had mistakenly transmitted incorrect or incomplete information such as customer transactions, inventory levels, billing and shipment to the next party causing delay of weeks, because each order takes 1 week to be proceeded to the next party in the chain. Therefore when the problem of the fault order is identified, the order has to be resend to meet the specification of the customers which