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Marketing in a Global Economy February 3, 2014

Marketing in a Global Economy Starbucks is indeed one of the most famous and recognizable baristas around the world. Known for their wonderful tasty coffees, cappuccinos, Starbucks is a worldwide chain. Starbucks has 11,000 locations in the United States, 925 outlets in Japan, 730 in the U.K. as well as other places such as Spain, France, Germany, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and one will open in India there isn’t one in the place where the Starbucks inspiration all started. An article on, it tells the readers how the Starbucks which is known now began with an epiphany Howard Schultz had in 1983 while he was in Milan. The article states “It was at this point that Schultz, no doubt heavily caffeinated, was seized by inspiration. Most Americans were still drinking their coffee at diners, in restaurants, or at the kitchen table; Italians had made cafes part of their community. Coffee didn’t have to be just a drink, he realized. It could be an experience.” (Faris, 2012). Many people wonder why there isn’t a Starbucks in Milan, most notably the Piazza del Duomo, where Schultz was inspired to make Starbucks one the most prominent and famous brands nationwide. What is stopping Schultz from providing an outlet for the coffee loving tourist who can have something familiar while they tour Italy? It could possibly be the differences in the way we as Americans drink coffee and Italians drink coffee. According to the article on, it gives the ways Italians view coffee drinking and how Americans view coffee drinking. Americans view coffee drinking as having a big cup of coffee anytime during the day, Starbucks along with other coffee baristas fill any coffee and espresso cups as full as they can go, however when in an café in Italy, the serving size of a cup of coffee or espresso is as Faris describes it as “only about a finger’s width from the bottom”. While many Americans enjoy a nice cappuccino anytime of the day, Italians view cappuccinos as a drink for breakfast, it is not likely you would see an Italian ordering a cappuccino after having a heavy meal. Another difference between the American way of drinking coffee and Italian way of drinking coffee is the atmosphere in which they drink their coffee.
While many times in American coffee shops, there are soft couches and mellow music to put people in a comfortable mood, however in Italy, Italians look at it is a small break into their busy day. Another difference is the kind of coffee Italians drink. Italians prefer a stronger coffee, or espresso. Starbucks uses Arabica beans which are a very expensive bean, while Italians use a less expensive but highly effective bitter Robusta bean. There are many strategies in which Schultz can use in order for Starbucks can make its mark in the place which was Schultz inspiration. It would be great for Starbucks to open in Italy, because it can help many visitors have a sense of home when they visit Italy. One