The Importance Of The Right To Bear Arms

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After“Right to bear arms”, is an amendment which was among the highest importance for our grandfathers. It was so prioritized that it almost became second to birth right as Americans. However keeping in view the recent bad problems that struck US, such as killing at malls, schools or universities and many attempted assassinations on government officials. It is of no wonder that law makers are constantly trying and debating the topic of gun control. Should the second amendment be removed? Or changed? If yes, to what extent? All these are the questions starting this debate at Washington D.C. regarding what the founding father intended the amendment to be.
But the way gun control law makers advocate there point is out of one’s understanding. You may even start to question why do we have to use such silly means? There are ideas like limiting the size of a magazine or regulating the types that one can purchase, you can simply do the background check and it will stop murders from happening. It takes courage and brain to live the life of a criminal ; most of them mostly hav sneaked their way out of the database and are therefore able to buy a gun anyway. The main idea behind using a background check as the main mean is to sort out the good persons from the bad. Requiring background checks on all gun purchases seems like a good idea, the only individuals it would affect are the good citizens.. The 2ndAmendment is about the right to bear arms, the right we have as citizens of America to carry a gun as protection for our lives. Though that has not been the case, guns have been used badly in many past and recent events, these examples cannot stop us from “securing an individual right to have guns for personal protection” as it is so clearly stated in the 2nd that we are allowed.

As 2nd amendment is such a debated topic which leads to opinions of whether it should be or shouldn’t be legalized, the that if it shouldn’t be legal we won’t be able to protect ourselves, should there be a need to defend ourselves, is a terrible nightmare and near to a awful reality. Legalizing gun control will only further increase the pain triggered to our nation through the many occurrences that have occurred in the past and freshly. The thinking is that banning guns would make America safer because then the convicts would have to turn them in and would have nothing to kill each other with. Another way to control gun or to spot who is carrying illegal gun is that there should be security cameras and body scanners almost at every public place to make sure that mass shootings is prevented. Only the police should be allowed to carry arms and that is because they work for the American government and the government will never abuse its power. So many innocent people have died because guns are legal to carry. The Colorado Theater shooting, The Connecticut School shooting where many innocent little children were murdered, the most latest gunfire at the Navy Base in D.C., and many other shootings that are not mentioned here. Every American is tired of all of the firings that have been going around lately and feel very strongly that something needs to be done quickly before they face more massacres. Gun violence needs to be stopped in America. We need to make sure that all guns are banned and cancel the 2nd amendment to prevent these types of shootings.
“President Obama on Wednesday gave Vice President Joe Biden Jr. a month to complete a job that he could have finished that afternoon. It is time to come up with, as Mr. Obama put it, “a set of concrete proposals” to make the nation safer from guns” (Gun Control – Should We, Or Should We Not?). For many years now there have been many sensible bills put forward on gun control to make Americans safe, some of them were rejected but the recent one did become a law, but in weak and broke later on. Some of the proposal like banning some specific kind of bullets or restricting the amount of bullets one can carry