Research: Management and Human Resources Student Essay

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Due to the economic downturn and a weak job market, many adults are back in school to find a second career or rejuvenate an existing one. This has hit so close to home because as I interviewed my spouse who is now a Human Resources student at Colorado Technical University; I’ve seen her made difficult decisions to facilitate her studies. When responding to the question of challenges encountered as a returning student; she explained that juggling family commitments, classroom work and a professional career is critical to her success. For that reason, she created a realistic schedule to balance family life which includes dinner dates, tours, sports and other fun activities. This printed plan is on display on the refrigerator for everyone to see, and it also serves as a reminder for projects or class sessions. Her assignments are mostly done in a quiet comfortable room, late at nights when the kids are in bed. She explained that her firm handle on managing time is important to meet weekly deadlines in her class. In addition, her advice is to set achievable goals, stay motivated and develop that family support system. (Jackson, 2012). During my research online, I discovered some points that outlined different aspects for adults returning to school. Firstly, students need to be organized and try to prepare in advance, a mindset for your responsibilities that is about to expand quickly. Some of that preparation may be to generate confidence