Research: Marriage and Romantic Love Essay

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Romantic Love What is Romantic Love? Romantic Love is a feeling of excitement with love. Is Romantic Love a real good basis for marriage? Love Should not be the ONLY reason to get married. Of course there has to be love involved for a marriage to work and be successful, but how can two people survive with only “Romantic Love”. If Romantic Love would work 100% all the time, then there would be no high rates of divorce, or even early teen pregnancies. A lot of people get the wrong concept of “Romantic Love” and right away think they are truly in love, or it may just be Lust. Divorce rates have gone up over the years, marriage is not the same as it was back in the old fashion days. Back in the day, women did not have the privilege to choose their spouse. The parents would be the one that would make that decision. The real reason behind marriage was mostly for interest in business, not because there was actual love supporting the marriage. Now we do have that choice to marry who we want, wether its marriage or just living with your partner. People think that when a child is brought into the world, their solution should be marriage. That decision may not always work or be a wise choice. The top 5 states with high rates of divorce are Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Different factors in divorce are education, social class, and also age. Couples who live together before even getting married are at a higher risk for divorce. The less educated have a high risk of divorce as well than someone with more education. Different beliefs, morals, and expectations are a reason for divorce. In order to have a successful marriage, the couple needs to have the same morals and beliefs. No communication in a marriage could only be the product of not understanding the spouse’s feelings or intentions which relates to difference in beliefs. Religious beliefs also have a lot to do with some divorces, not everyone can agree with their spouse’s religious beliefs. One may believe in God and the other one may not, and it will automatically cause a conflict. Leading the spouse to sacrifice what they believe in just to please their partner. It may not also end in good terms and lead to divorce or simply just come to an agreement, but when it comes to religious beliefs, the situation is not always easy. It’s a no win controversy in my opinion. Adjusting to your spouse’s habits is not always easy, especially if you are used to living alone or in your own room with your private space. When you get married there appears another person in your private space who is always around with his/her own habits and way of living. It may not always be the same habits you have, and it will be hard as much as you try to prepare yourself. If you are not in love, you will not be able to put up with different habits. Eventually you will realize that it was a big mistake to get married.

Financial Stability is another factor that contributes to unhappy and short marriages. Financial stability is more significant than Romantic Love in order to have a long lasting marriage. Who lives off Romantic Love? Does Romantic Love pay bills? Or provide for children if there is any? This means that the majority of marriages end based on financial struggle. Love alone is not strong enough to hold a marriage, so therefore when two people get married they both need to be financially stable because financial issues cause arguments and stress in the marriage and can always lead to one person leaving. Especially when there are children involved, love alone cannot provide. Love is needed to care for our children. Financial stability is important to have in a marriage in order to be successful, if not fights and discussions suddenly transform into divorce. Romantic Love is just a strong physical attraction, you may think you are in love based on the attraction you have for that certain person. People are still with the thought of they will meet their prince