Research Paper On Criminal Laws

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Criminal Law
There are many civil disobedience accounts going around nowadays the most common one that you hear of and see all over the news, in magazines is guns how the government wants to control the guns that Americans can have in America and what types they can have. There are many Americans that go against this law where they get guns that are not allowed but yet they get the guns that are allowed. With the government trying to control and take away the guns from the American people will cause more Americans to get guns due to the fact that the government will be taking away the second amendment. Americans will still obey the laws and show that they are law abiding citizens. The point I’m getting at is that with the guns under a strict control Americans will find a way around the laws so that they can get the guns and will not break any laws. Some people would not classify people standing out in front of a company with a sign that says “shame on them for not being union.” They are not breaking any laws by standing on the sidewalk in front of the companies. As they stand there with that sign it draws the unnecessary effect to that business. I feel that unions have gone too far and destroy companies. The union paying the workers more but the companies can’t keep paying more and more if they don’t make a huge profit every quarter. I know mine are different then what the news and papers say but I feel strong in the topics I have chosen. It just feels to me that what our