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When I look at my mother I think of the person that has impacted my life and taught me so much throughout my seventeen years of life. She’s been through so much throughout her life, being the first one out of her entire family to go to UT or college in general. She is such an inspirational woman in so many ways and I admire her so much for it. She takes care of my elderly grandmother, has a job at a dental office, and takes amazing care of her three kids.
My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a couple years back. Since then, times have been really hard for my siblings and I. Since then a lot of things have occurred in my life.
One of these things is me moving back to the Marshall area from the Boerne area. This affected me dramatically because I had to leave Champion; which I was completely okay with but sad to leave our brand new built house. My mother was very sad about this, she began to realize that her mom was never going to be the same again. This took the biggest toll on her at work and in her personal life, she went into a depression and her excited and carefree personality was automatically gone when my grandmother was diagnosed. Since then she’s become a lot stronger besides the fact that we just got recent news that my grandmother’s body is shutting down and she is near the end of her life. This has taken an even larger toll on my mother and since then we have not even been in the holiday spirit. My mother goes over to my grandmother’s house every weekend to help turn her every two hours and give my aunt a break who is there all day. She’s taught me to be compassionate and to always help others during a time of need because I know my grandmother would do the same for us.

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My mother works at a dental office in sales, she is constantly sitting at a computer finding different people to buy from her. As you may know this job is exhausting and takes a lot of time and effort to do. She goes into work at at 7:30am and does not leave until 5:00pm. Which means a lot of long hours at work and not enough time at home. We rarely see her and now that we’re going to my grandma’s constantly, my father and her’s relationship is not the same anymore. They fight so constantly that they have fallen out of love, my dad has no compassion whatsoever for what my mom is