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Who I am There are certain ideas and characteristics that describe a man, for me it is: respect, loyalty, and the desire to do something great. As a young boy, I played baseball all day every day. It was a passion in my heart I knew would never die. My father James Esquivel, was my coach and mentor for most of my life. My dad did not only teach me to be a great player, but he also taught me something even greater; to respect and love the game. Before every little league ball game, he would have my uniform laid out for me so I could get ready. One morning, my dad had to umpire an earlier game, which meant my mom had to take me to the game. On that day for some odd reason, I thought I would be the little rebel on the team and not wear a belt. Oh boy, that turned out to be a horrible idea! Not only did my dad whip me until I could not sit, I also did not play that day. He knew that not playing me would make me livid, because I was the R.B.I. and hit leader on the team. After the game during the long ride home, my dad told me to never disrespect your “brothers” again. From that day forward, I promised myself to never disrespect the game or anyone that was close to me again. That moment I realized baseball was not just a game to me anymore, it meant something even greater. It taught me to have decline, integrity, respect, but most of all…to be the leader I am today! That memory will never fade, for it was a stepping stone in my life to a bright future! Other than baseball, giving a helping hand was something I always loved to do. Inspired by the fictional character Batman, I told my parents when I was little, I don’t care what I am in the future as long as I am helping save the world. Growing up and going through my high school years, the idea was never lost. I helped younger kids in the P.A.L.S. program as a mentor. It was mostly for kids who had a hard time at home with their parents. I did not know what that was like, but I did know my dad taught me how to be an honorable man. It was my senior year when I got the privilege to push a young boy in the right direction. I found out that the kid’s parents were going through a tough divorce and he had a hard time making friends. So I decided to change that by teaching the boy to be himself and not hide who he was. I also found out on the first day that he loved Batman. So I seized the opportunity using his love for the character, I told him he could be my Robin, but only if he would use my “training” in real life. After that year school year, I saw a scared and lonely boy turn into a bright little gentleman. After my first semester of college I went back to see him. I walked into the lunch room and there he was, he ran and yelled BATMAN as he jumped into my arms. He told me how he had a girlfriend and all these new friends, but the part that made me brake down was when he said, “Tyler, you change my life”. Then and there I knew I was going to be able to fulfill my dream to help anybody in need, and help change the world to become a better place. Those two memories will stay with me until I am an old man, but there was one aspect of my life that changed my whole understanding of life altogether. November 9th, 2011 my mother Sandra Esquivel was diagnosed with type two breast cancer. It scared my whole family and changed all of our lives. When I heard the news that day, I did not want to talk to anyone for a while. My mind was knocked of course and I lost who I was for a moment in time. That changed when my mother told my family that she was strong, and she was going to get through the horrific tragedy. She told me she needed me to be strong and patient. I made a promised to my mom that day saying, that she was going to survive