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|Session Plan |
|Tutor: |Course Session: |Location: |Date: |
|Karren Culshaw |Common Inspection Framework CIF Training |Academy One | |
|Learning Aim: |Session Resources: |
| | |
|To equip staff with the knowledge and understanding of the CIF, objectives with regard to performance and |SMARTBOARD |
|quality. To guide, track and encourage learner progress against all framework requirements. |PowerPoint |
| |Flipchart |
|Learning Outcomes: |Pens & Paper |
| |CSMART or Not Handout |
| |Post-it Notes |
| |Sign in register |
| |Evaluations |
|Differentiation will be achieved by: |
|Responding to the individual needs of learners, utilising a multi-sensory delivery to support with diverse learning needs, offering 1-2-1 support as and when needed and producing resources in various formats to support and|
|develop the knowledge of the learner. |
|Equal Opportunities: |
|Ensuring that the training room, resources and activities can be accessed fairly by all to maximise their learning potential. To ensure that learners are treated