Research Paper On Skateparks

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Juan Rodriguez
English 12A
Period 3

I come from a community where there can be so much beautiful changes, even if it's the smallest change like building a public skatepark for the community to visit can make a big difference in this huge city. Many people think of me as someone who is willing to abandon there community for a better one, yet they refuse to acknowledge the fact that this can be the better community if we all put our hearts into it. Ever since I was a little boy my dream was to build skateparks in many different locations in Los Angeles because of the love I have for skateboarding as well as my city. The first time I ever went to a skatepark was in Hawthorne, I was 11 years young and I really enjoyed spending my time there. It was like paradise to me and all my friends were by my side just having fun, that skatepark had everything like a empty pool, rails, stairs, and many other awesome skateboarding equipment. Right there and then I set my goal in life, I wanted to be somebody who build these types of parks. I think it'll improve Los Angeles because these skateparks are not only for skaters, these skateparks are surrounded by a park for our family's to visit and enjoy themselves. There will be walkways for our elders and swings for the children. I want to transform our community into a safe and clean environment by achieving my dream and I know by building skateparks like that I can be successful and people will stay out of trouble from the streets by visiting my many skateparks around Los Angeles. My parents have always been supportive about my idea of building skateparks. My father took me out on a lot of different skateparks when I was younger just to have an idea of what i should be creating and how. My mother also