Research Proposal For Campbell Food

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Business Proposal for Campbell Foods
I intend to open a fast food chain by the name of Campbell Foods. It will provide quality fast food products to the customers at affordable prices. Furthermore the fast food chain would target global expansion after accomplishing the set targets. The proposal will comprise of following parts:
1. Research work for proposed business
2. Strategic Analysis of business firm
• SWOT analysis
Business organizations recognized competitors with the help of SWOT analysis. This analysis helps the company to go for strategic analysis and make new plans.
• PESTEL Analysis
Pestle analysis describes the framework for exploring the macro environment of the business organization. It is necessary for the company to maintain
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Among other things, first of all, one should have a workable business idea. Without a practical and authentic, business idea, other things are completely irrelevant. This necessary information about the business idea includes: scope of the business, arrangement if required finances, prevailing market situation, strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, marketing strategy, insurance information etc. The food business seems to be a good choice these days considering the fast pace of life these days. The innovative food outlet that deals in baked items could do wonders. Campbell Foods is the business idea that would be discussed in detail in this research …show more content…
This aims to accomplish customer demands by knowing their needs. It will also contribute to the communities in which it operates. The launch of International operations would also be in sight of company.
Weaknesses can be defined as a disadvantage that tends to put company at lower position compared to its competitors. The strategies of the company are strong and their strength lies in the sense that helps the management to build up strong relationships with both buyers and suppliers (Rudolph, 1995). The only weakness so far is lack of adequate investment, but this can be reduced by attracting some potential investors. Suppliers can pose high price threat, but this risk can be mitigated with the help of building strong management ties.

Opportunities can be defined as trends that can influence business in a positive way. Continuous increase in the saturation and competition in the UK food industry seems to be an opportunity for Campbell. The food chain can turn this competition into opportunity through innovative food items and quality service. The current economic crisis in the world market makes the British food products affordable for EU and other markets (Thomas,