Forks Over Knives Essay

Words: 1895
Pages: 8

Forks Over Knives In the film Forks Over Knives, it is made clear the American diet is filled with damaging foods that have a detrimental toll on the human body. The film aims to show how a numerous amount of Americans are affected by all kinds of diseases including obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, bone diseases and osteoporosis. These diseases are just a handful of the many different ones that Americans fall victim to. Scene one reveals the reason is because the American diet is filled with unhealthy foods including refined, processed and animal based foods leaving the body vulnerable to developing these diseases. Americans eat large amounts of these foods not knowing just how unhealthy they are. Many Americans do not take into consideration that the foods thought of as a normal American diet are tragically affecting the human …show more content…
Campbell claims whole plant-based foods are beneficial to human health, while animal-based foods are not, is true as well. All these animal product industries represent their products in ways to make people think they are beneficial to our health. It is clear people like Dr. Campbell, who is a nutritional scientist with a Master’s degree and Ph.D., are more believable than those who just want to make money off their products. An article from “Responsible Eating and Living”, explains how “during his time in the Philippines, Dr. Campbell had come to the conclusion that the country’s wealthier children, who consumed high amounts of animal-based foods, were a lot more likely to get liver cancer (Hartglass)”, once again proving how animal-based foods are unhealthy. Then there is Dr. Esselstyn, a surgeon at the Cleveland clinic, who realized that many of the diseases he frequently treated were almost unknown in parts of the world where animal-based foods were rarely consumed. This goes to show just how much these animal-based foods deteriorate the health of the human