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Morrie and Mitch: TWM
In the film Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch a married and busy journalist reunites with his passed college professor Morrrie who he had promised long ago to keep in touch with. Morrie at this time was growing sick from ALS, and did not have much time left to live. They both agree on meeting with each other once a week before the instructor passes away. This motion picture demonstrates the main themes that the two characters shared within their friendship. Of those subjects, commitment and care are going to be reflected upon, before personally connecting to these topics.
Throughout the film care is demonstrated. Mitch and Morrie both make obvious that that they are concerned for one another by demonstrating love for each other. They constantly worry about one another presenting that they have a father son bond. Personally, this type of relationship reminds me of the relation between my father and I. We continuously worry about each other’s health, and he always shares concern towards me making incorrect decisions in everyday life. This is the type of care that only a relation with affection would share.
Mitch and Morrie dedicate every Tuesday to seeing each other. Here, Mitch shows the importance of staying true to ones sayings. He for numerous weeks goes out of his way to friend his college teacher with conversations and companionship, which demonstrates that he was loyal to Morrie. In addition, this amplifies that when being committed to another,