Resident Assistant Philosophy Statement

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I believe that it is our responsibility to assist and partake in the people around us through relationships that add to their daily happiness through our actions in appreciating and recognizing them. It is my desire as a Resident Assistant that I live by this philosophy everyday and spread this way of thinking to everyone that I interact with. To achieve this, it takes hard work and perseverance in establishing those interpersonal relationships in order to bring true respect to those around me. I believe that by creating a welcoming environment for those around me, I am sculpting a community that ushers happiness and mutual admiration for all that share this way of thinking. One of the ways I try to show that appreciation as a Resident Assistant is by going out of my way to have real conversations with residents. A conversation past the everyday “How are you doing?” and the generic …show more content…
There specific values that I take a lot of pride in so that I can live by my philosophy statement. Values such as responsibility, accountability, and respect are all expectations that I hold for myself when approaching any and everything that I do. I feel as if these values play a major role in my relationship building aspirations, but I also feel as if they have a substantial role in my work ethic. I could not imagine trying to avoid the responsibility for my actions, regardless if they were good or bad. Fortunately, my position as Resident Assistant allows me to practice what I preach everyday. From accountability to responsibility, I am always testing my values through actively supporting my residents in their social and academic endeavors. I must show them all respect by showing that I am actually invested in their success. I show that through providing them with different opportunities, and being there when they need a helping hand. I do this because I think it is important to assist them in finding