Solar Energy Essay

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Sun, wind currents, and plant-life of many varieties are the most important energy choices for our new planet. The sun is important because we can use solar energy to power most of our needs instead of using electricity that uses terrible fossil fuels. As stated by the power point in our class, “Passive solar heating uses solar energy to heat buildings without the use of equipment. Savings can be as much as 50% of heating costs.” Not only will we be saving our environment from the bad fossil fuels but we will also be saving our money. Again from our power point it states, “Active Solar Heating uses equipment to absorb solar energy and to distribute the collected heat. It is also used to heat water for household uses.” Our daily uses like heating our water for showers will be easier if we had active solar heating because we would save so much money just by using this solar heating. On the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) website they claim, “In Jordan, renewable energy resources, particularly solar, could technically provide sixty times Jordan’s electricity consumption in 2050.” Not only is it good for our wallets to use solar energy, but it also provides more than the average electricity company!
Wind currents are very helpful and will provide our new planet with we need wind currents so we can have another reliable source of energy that does not use fossil fuels. According an article WWF: IPCC highlights need to stop gambling on fossil fuels, “Fossil fuels though currently being dominant energy sources, are very dirty fuels that do not only create air pollution but more importantly are directly responsible for the strengthening of climate change impact.” Wind energy doesn’t increase carbon emissions in the atmosphere therefore it doesn’t contribute to climate change like fossil fuels. WWF believes that, “Wind energy is one of the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly energy sources. It emits no greenhouse gases or air pollutants. It emits no particles, unlike fossil fuels which are carcinogenic and severely affect human health.” The wind energy is very clean and doesn’t harm our health like fossil fuels do and there are no bad effects on it, the only ones according to our power points, is that it can be hazardous to birds, noise, and aesthetic pollution. But these are usually far from houses so there shouldn’t be any problems and even if someone were to live close to one the look of it is not a big deal, I’d rather live in clean air and with less pollutants than get rid of them because they aren’t attractive looking.
Plant life of many varieties is very important. Plants do many things for us, animals, and the environment that are important like, provides food for us, makes oxygen, provides habitats for animals, and provide useful products. Plants help us grow our foods all natural with no harm to us, like sugars and high fattening foods that can harm us. It’s healthy and good for us to have these plants that are a way better alternative than processed foods that are high in fat. According to a website Plant Conservation Day, “Everything we eat comes directly or indirectly from plants. Throughout human history, approximately 7,000 different plant species have been used as food by people.” They provide food not only to us but to animals as well, especially the herbivores who only eat plants. Plant Conservation Day states, “Of course, aside from humans' myriad uses, plants make up the backbone of all habitats. Other species of fish and wildlife also depend on plants for food and shelter.” Plants also help us get oxygen by the photosynthesis process. We get a lot of our resources from plants and we make a lot of different things like products from these plants that help us. We need plants on our new planet because they go through the photosynthesis process and give us air! Without these plants what air will we breathe? We need these plants for our clean air. Not only that but they provide us with the medicines we need! The