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Ch. 3
1. Insects
a. Insects are very important to our world. Without insects we would have very few plants and fruits also without some kinds of insects others would overpopulate and overrun the earth.
b. Insect are vital to the earth. Between pollinating plants and keeping other insects populations at reasonable levels we should be very thankful for the creatures many consider pest. Without insects we would not live more than a few months.
c. Insects are extremely important to the way of life of humans.
d. Humans could not live long without insects and though they may be gross to some they are very beneficial and should be kept around.
2. Microbes
a. Though many people think of microbes as germs that cause us to get sick such as athletes foot or malaria, they are sadly misinformed. Many of the microbes that exist benefit us more than harm. They help us digest and breath and stay healthy. b. Many humans do not fully understand how much microbes benefit our lives.
Many believe that microbes are dangerous and make us sick, while few do, they are only a small amount and the majority benefit us in our day to day lives.
c. We learn that microbes help more than hurt and generally rule the world.
d. Microbes are extremely important and without them we would not survive in the world. 3. Tropical rainforest
a. This article is about how we should care for the rainforest. As time goes on more and more the earths rainforest if=s being plowed down and transformed into farmland with is beginning to have a extremely negative effect on our earth.
b. The rainforest is being cut down and is caused by human intervention. It is us humans that continue to deplete the world of these beautiful rainforest.
c. If not stopped, human interaction can be detrimental when not renewed.
d. Humans should discontinue to cut down trees and give the earth time to rebuild itself and this will help the earth heal so it can sustain the massive amounts of life that it holds.
4. Technology
a. Using new technology can benefit the earth. British scientist are using Google
Earth to research biomes and species also to track deforestation. By using the satellites they are able to get a quicker and more in depth look at the world with less cost and time.
b. Google has a new technology using its satellites to be able to look at the different biomes of the earth. The name of this is Google Earth and it can do extraordinary things like help us look up endangered species and keep track of them and also help see where deforestation is occurring and bring awareness.
c. There are several new technologies that can be helpful to the environment.

d. Google Earth is very beneficial to the study of the world and can help bring awareness to the on growing environmental problems.
1. Adaptable Planet
a. The Earth is remarkable perfect not only is it the perfect distance from the sun to keep water around it also protects from getting too hot or cold and keeping oxygen in the atmosphere.
b. The Earth is the perfect distance watch keeps life sustainable. If the earth was any farther or closer water would not be possible in the forms that is required for life also there is just the right temperature so that one side is too hot or another is too cold which is maintained through the spinning of the Earth on its axis. Finally the Earth keeps the perfect amount of oxygen, too little would be lethal for life and too much would create a giant fireball.
c. The Earth is the perfect adaptable planet and anything just slightly different would be the end all of life on earth so we need to take care of it because there is nothing like it.
d. We really need to take good care of the earth because it is extremely lucky to have these conditions and if we kill this one there is not another one that we know of.
2. Humans
a. Humans are evolving into amazing smart creatures but our adapting brains are what could enable us to destroy the