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Shania Lawrence Due: September 25, 2013
Introduction to Buisness Mr.Cooke The quote “education is power” is a quote that you hear a lot because teachers may say it or most importantly; parents. This quote is very powerful and it is something that you should live by. Also you should make it your motivation to do better and to keep grades up to par.
When I hear the quote “Education is power”, the first thing that comes to mind is that if you don’t have an education, you won’t get anywhere in life. Without education it’s hard to find a good job. Majority of jobs in the medical field require chemistry. There is no way to achieve your goals in life if you don’t value education. I am privileged to go to a catholic school to get the best education and I value it. When I see people take it for granted, I just wonder about what exactly they want to do with their life because they’re throwing away an education that could possibly make them rich or lead them to finding a cure for cancer. I also think that the word “education” is a powerful word. Education isn’t just knowing something. It is the way you interpret it and the way you understand it. The word power means that you have the ability to do and accomplish something.
I interviewed my mother and asked her what does the quote “Education is power” mean, the quote that I got from her was “education is not only knowing books, but it’s the way you use the information. You could know something inside and out, but it is how you apply the information that you acquire.” This quote was very moving and is also very true because you could be smart but if you don’t put the information to use, what good is it to you? I think this quote applies to mostly teenagers who are not focusing on work because it gives them a reality check and shows them that you won’t be able to get anywhere without knowledge and understanding the components to what was being discussed. Also when you’re learning things to make sure you’re not just hearing it but listening and comprehending. Education is everything and knowledge is also power.
The quote that I got from an artist was “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” By Oscar Wilde. I think that this quote means that you could never have too much education and tying it into his occupation as a fashion guru you could also never be over dressed. Meaning that the more you have , the better off you are. If have education, no one can that away from you. Also when you have an education more doors can be open to you. I also got a quote from Nelson Mandela