Response: Domestic Violence and Direct Eye Contact Essay

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Yes my speech was well organized and yes the message was easy to follow. Since I was speaking on the subject “Domestic Violence” my speech should have gone longer than a minute and a half. Speaking on something so personal, I was a bit nervous in front of my peers that didn't really know who I was. My organization could have been improved by talking a lot more about each detail. My introduction did gain attention. I spoke clear and at a tone that everyone could here. My introduction was successful because I over came a fear of speaking in public about something so real, something that I had experienced and I was able to do it with no tears, and with direct eye contact although it did bring up some issues. No my conclusion did not go that well because I never got to say weather I was effected by the domestic violence or not, or what type of woman/mother I am today. Yes there should be improvement. If I'm going to deliver something so personal in a speech, then I need to be able to conclude my speech strong and effective while not allowing it to effect me. My delivery was great. Being able to have the three objects with me made me feel like I had some security. My use of language,voice and body language did not harm my communication efforts. When I first displayed my family picture of my four children and the ex, that went really well, but when I got to the T shirt displaying what type of abusive relationship I was in, that's when it became a little shaky. My